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  • Apollo Walks Again!

    Michele B. - Pilot Point, TX


    Just wanted to thank EVERYONE involved in saving Apollo’s life and helping him get back to doing what he loves. You all are amazing and I’ll never forget all you’ve done for him.  If there is any way I can give a testimonial regarding the care and compassion not to mention the surgical perfection please let me know.  In the mean time Apollo is so grateful for all of you and all you’ve done. Dr. Williams you are AMAZING and I will never forget all you have done!! 

  • COVID-19 New Protocol - Thank You!

    Cheryl P. - Dallas, TX


    Thank you!!!

    We so appreciate the care Maizie received today, AND the precautions you all took to ensure our safety and health!!

  • Champion Bullseye

    Debbie M. - Frisco, TX


    To the great staff at Center for Veterinary Specialty:

    Just wanted to send you all a picture of Champion Bullseye!  He got his Champion title on Saturday, November 9!

    Isn’t he a Champ!!!!


    Thank you all for taking such good care of him while he was in your care!

    You made it possible for him to be all this and more to come!!


  • Cheers!

    Catlin N. - Dallas, TX


    Hello HEAL and CVSEC teams,

    This week marks a whole year since our dog, Mouse, got sick with IMHA and began a several-months-long journey back to health. He's is doing great now, and I just wanted to say how thankful we are for all your hard work to take care of him, as well as your kindness and patience with me and my husband through all of it. It meant so much and truly made an impact on us.


    Caitlin, Seth, & Mouse

  • Bella

    Lisa B. - Flower Mound, TX


    Bella lost the use of her rear legs on Labor Day weekend. Since it was a holiday, we did not know where to go with her. Finally were referred to CVSEC.

    The moment we walked in the doors at CVSEC, Bella, my husband & I were treated with so much respect, care & kindness.  It turned out Bella ruptured a disc in her back & needed surgery.  

    Once home, if I called or emailed with questions, I always received a call back with an answer.  We also received regular calls checking on Bella.

    She is 6 wks post-op and she is doing great!  I truley thought she would not walk again since she is a senior dog.  She is walking again and being her happy self.

    We are so impressed with the care of everyone at the clinic.  You gave us our Bella back and we are beyond grateful to Dr's (Lindsey, Ducote',Matthews), Nurse Alecia and all the nurses & the support staff.  Everyone at CVSEC are above and beyond great!  We are so impressed with CVSEC!

  • Chiquita

    Laura M. - Red Oak, TX


    I just wanted to send out an update for Chiquita.  Your vet did her surgery and helped her get better.  I wanted her to see what she did and how she saved her life! Not sure if you all get updates that much but today is a year later!  Thank you!!

    It has been a year since her emergency surgery for her back!!! Yay!  Her surgery went great and then we went ahead and after she was healed did a laser disc ablation surgery.  She has completely healed from everything and she is looking good.

    She is my joy and my love!  She adores me and I adore her! All my dogs are my babies, but Chiquita has a special place in my heart. She still after 4 years, lets my husband pet her and such, but won't let him touch her belly.  She follows my sister around when she is there just staring at her.  She is my funny loving Frowny face!!

    I just thought you all who helped her be a dog again would like to see an update!!  I can never say thank you enough for all you did!  You saved her and in many ways me.

    Thank you so very much!

  • Winston

    Brad and Sarah H. - Frisco, TX


    To the entire staff of CVSEC, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you for caring for our Winston the past week.  Everyone was so wonderful and I felt comfort in knowing that Winston was so loved during his final days.  I especially appreciate how understanding and patient everyone was with our daughters, who are trying to navigate the grief process in their own ways.  From offering our girls snacks while we waited to keeping us posted when we were not able to physically be there to the wonderful vets who were able to explain and give us options to the respect we were shown when it was time to say goodbye, we thank you. 

    No matter how many times we have to go through this final stage, it never gets easy but it was comforting to feel such love and support from you all.  I am sure Winston expressed his gratitude with a big wagging tail.

    Much love,

    Brad and Sarah


    Rod and Dee B. - Garland, TX


    To all the Physicians and Staff of the Center for Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Care:

    In 2016, you became acquainted, under dire circumstances, with our dog Cash.  He was close to death with an auto-immune disease.  Your professionalism and compassion helped us through that night.  YOU SAVED HIS LIFE!  You made it possible for us to love and enjoy our wonderful Case for another 3 years.  What a gift to us.

    Thank you for helping us get through the last days of his life.  Your compassion and understanding helped us make the hard decisions from the very start 3 yrs ago to now.

    Cash made a lot of friends here and we know you grieved for him, too.

    We will never forget this place or all you have done for us.

    Rod & Dee


  • Turdl

    Stephanie C. - Dallas, TX


    I was referred here after my elderly pug had a scary episode.  Everyone was so welcoming and kind.  The vet explained everything in full detail and he took the time to answer all of my questions.  They made me feel comfortable and less anxious about the situation.  And, they treated my baby like he was the most important dog there.  I highly recommend!!!

  • Riley

    Drew and Erin - McKinney, TX


    Where to begin!  From the first moment we walked into your doors, we instantly felt at peace.  Through this extremely scary and stressful time the CVSEC team has been nothing short of amazing and extremely caring!  There a no words we could ever say to thank you enough for caring for Riley.  From the top notch care to answering 1,000 phone calls from us, you guys always showed us grace and patience through it all.  Thank you for saving our little family and giving us many more years together.  Although we think you are great, we hope to not see you again!  Here's to a happy healthy life!!

    Our Best,

    Drew and Erin

  • The Edge

    Jon & Jodi S. - Carrollton, TX


    Hope you guys enjoy the cake from The Edge. We truly appreciate the care & help Edge received at your facility. Everyone was very nice. Because of the care he received we feel that gave Edge his best chance at having quality of life. One again thank you & here are a few pictures of The Edge form his racing career for the staff to look at if they would like to.

    Thank you

    Jon, Jodi & The Edge

  • Smokey

    Beth R. - Lewisville, TX


    Words aren't enough to describe our gratitude for your care of Smokey.  No one could have been kinder.  I'm so glad we were sent to you.

  • Stella

    Jordan and Conner - Sothlake, TX


    Stella was admitted to our Hospital for severe kidney failure.  She was in the Hospital for about a week!                    

    Below is an update from her Mom and Dad:

    "Stella is now over a year old and full of life/energy!  A BIG heart felt thank you to Dr. Mahon and the entire staff there!  Thank you so much and we appreciate all y'all do!"

    Jordan, Conner and Stella

  • Sweet Homer

    Clay N. - Lewisville, TX


    First of all, I want to thank you for the wonderful care and service we received yesterday.  It was my first time going through this experience with a pet of my own and you all were amazing!  While I am deeply grieving the loss of my sweet Homer, I feel that I made the right decision saying goodbye in your care.

  • Milo

    Kellie H. - Lubbock, TX


    Dr. Ducote, Dr. Christianson, Ashley, Monica, Anna, Adam and the rest of the CVSECVET staff,

    Milo will be 4 weeks post op this Friday the 19th. We cannot thank you all enough for everything you did for Milo. He is my best friend and daily dose of happiness. 4 weeks ago today we were in a terrifying place as he began to lose function of his front legs, could not walk and was clearly in severe pain. He is a completely different dog today. The spark of life is back in his eyes, he is standing tall + strong and is antsy to get back to going on walks soon! Thank you Dr. Ducote and Christianson for performing an amazing surgery that saved him from future pain/suffering and essentially saved his life, all the nurses/techs/staff who comforted him, held him and nursed him post operatively and finally to the staff who comforted ME and took all my phone calls day + night,  I cannot thank you enough. You all have a wonderful facility with the most caring staff. I wish we lived closer so we could say this in person! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 

    Kellie Hetherington and Milo 

  • High paws!

    Ellie Z. - McKinney , TX


    Jack the Airedale is the 3rd dog we’ve brought to Dr Case for evaluation and treatment.  She is thorough and spends the time with both patient and owners to make sure she understands the situation. She gave us a full range of treatment options so we could review with our Vet and select the best course of action to follow for Jack.

    There are no high presssure tactics used to select unnecessary treatment options.  Dr Case and the facility team was very professional, personable and helpful.  I am so glad they are available should Jack require additional care.  He gives them high paws!

  • Coco

    Lauren C. - Dallas, TX


    Dr. Mahon treated our cat Coco the week after Thanksgiving and we wanted to share an update with her and anybody else who gave him care.

    We took Coco home in basically a comatose state, so that first week was rough.  We syringed him water and food (goat's milk worked!), gave him meds and cleaned up after his messes.  It took him 4 days before he drank water on his own.  The next day he finally ate food on his own.  That same day he was using the litter box with assistance.  It was a long road of little victories this past month.  And now, a month later, he is mostly back to his normal playful self again.  Moving around well, jumping, napping on his back, grooming himself, snuggling, and being playful.

    Coco is definitely a fighter, but would not be doing so well without the dedicated care and special attention that he received at your Hospital when he was in such bad condition.  We really thought the worst during that time and thought we had to say good-bye to our special guy.  But Dr. Mahon kept giving us positive updates and encouragement as he showed signs of life, and finally she let us know that he was going to make a full recovery.  We can't thank you enough for your care and advice during a very stressful time.  We are overwhelmed with joy!!! He's our Christmas miracle!

  • Maxi

    Christine H. - Milwaukee, WI


    Team - I came home tonight and found your beautiful card in my mailbox.  There has been so much change in the past 2 weeks that it has been hard for me to keep track of anything, let alone my emotions.  Though I wish Maxi were here, and healthy, and able to experience this with us, I also realize that some things aren't meant to be.

    Snoopy and I are now in Milwaukee and are doing our best to get by without our girl.  In many ways, the move has been a blessing.

    All said, I dealt with so many of you on staff for the better part of 5 months.  We were trying to care for Maxi even prior to that.  Her journey of health was long and drawn out.  I really believed she would bounce back, like she always had, and as you know, she did.  Many times.  Over and over again.  But sadly, our fight was lost.  I will never regret one second of the caregiving she required.  I couldn't have loved her more.  Saying goodbye was devastating.  She will always be loved.  She will always be missed.

    I would like to send an incredibly heartfelt thank you to all of you.  We dealt with so many of you, and in many cases, I don't even have (or remember) your names.  But I hope you know how significantly important you all were to our journey.  I hope you all know that you make a difference in the lives you touch.  From Dr. Ducote, to Dr. Williams, to Dr. Claus, Dr. Seyfert, Dr. Case, Dr. Mahon...countless Nurses and Staff...gosh, guys, I really wish I had all of your names at my fingertips.  Every single one of you were so caring to Maxi and so sensitive to my feelings.  I am eternally grateful!


  • Waylon

    Maddie S. - North Richland Hills, TX


    We took our dog here when he was dealing with some unexplainable health issues.  We actually chose this hospital over another in the area based on the excellent customer service alone.  Everyone we met while here was super sweet.  We have a very nervous dog and I could tell the front desk staff, the technician and doctors all really cared about him and were sensitive to his anxiety.  We saw Dr. Seyfert and she is wonderful.  She is very knowledgeable, kind and I left feeling like we finally had answers.  I've read some reviews saying CVSEC only cares about money.  I do could not disagree more.  We even approved services that they ended up feeling were not necessary and may be a waste of our money and they told us such.  I would enthusiastically recommend this place to anyone seeking a specialist for their pet.

  • CVSEC Saved Our Dog's Life!

    Cindi F. - Tyler, TX


    Center for Veterinary Specialty saved our dog's life.  We brought him in last Saturday evening in critical condition.  He had an illness that started suddenly having to do with auto immune.  His red blood cells and platelets were very low and he was bleeding internally.  Our Roscoe had 6 transfusions within a week.

    The staff, doctors and nurses were so kind and compassionate as they led us through the process of saving our baby.  The culture of this hospital was incredible.  They were always willing to answer questions 24 hours a day.  We thank them from the bottom of our heart for all they did.  #lovingroscoe


  • Nyla Grace

    Hilary A. - Plano, TX


    I cannot say enough good things about this amazing environment.  My sweet girl started having seizures out of the blue and this was the second emergency vet I took her to.  I will not take her to another one.  If anything ever happens she comes back here.  The front office staff was so compassionate and caring.  And that's the one thing you want when you're terrified and you're trying to find comfort for your pet.  They have people on staff who are simply there to help people with the emotional trauma of dealing with these pet related incidences. 

    I had to leave my girl there overnight.  I was terrified.  But their open concept to the ER was very helpful for me.  I did not feel closed off from her but I also did not want to smother the staff as I know they're performing very important jobs throughout the night. 

    The neurology vet that we met with the next morning, Dr. Williams, was very knowledgeable, very helpful and very kind in dealing with my 8000 questions.  I feel that I got the best care possible for my girl during her stay here and I will follow through with this hospital in the future.

    When you are scared for your pet what you want is reassurance...You want heart and soul.  And I did feel that from this team.  And that is something very special.  So a huge THANK YOU to everybody who cared for my sweet Nyla Grace!  This crazy pet parent is truly grateful.


  • The Most Amazing Facility!

    Cynthia R. - Dallas, TX


    This is the most amazing facility!  When our pup was having neurological issues, our vet sent us to the Center for Veterinary Specialty + Emergency Care.  They were compassionate, kind, focused and dedicated to figuring out what happened and how they could improve Baylen.  He had a dedicated nurse who was watching him at all times and they provided prompt updates on his progress.  Couldn't ask for a better squad to care for my fur baby.  Thank you!

  • Cowboy

    Mikala K. - Lewisville, TX


    Huge thanks to Dr. Beghtel, Dr. Mix and our tech Mike.  Our sweet husky mix, Cowboy, was in anaphylactic shock when we brought him to CVSEC on 2.23.18.  He was immediately brought back and admitted.  We were given an estimate for a 12 hour hospitalization and the final itemized invoice was lower than the estimate we paid.  The staff gave him the best care and you can tell these people truly care about the animals and their families.  Dr. Beghtel was so sweet with us.  Our sweet boy is now home with us.  Thank you CVSEC for saving our baby's life!!!

  • Blue King

    Mary K. - Allen, TX


    When my dog, Blue, was diagnosed with Cancer, I was devastated.  I took him to the Center for Veterinary Specialty in Lewisville, where Dr. Gulikers oversaw his care including chemotherapy treatments.  Yes, it was expensive, but the staff was very up front with us about the cost so it was no surprise. 

    Dr. Gulikers was very loving and kind towards Blue during his treatment and was his biggest cheerleader as Blue went through the ups and downs of Cancer treatment.  It was apparent that Blue felt that he was being treated kindly by all of the staff.  He always pranced in and was happy to see all of them.  The love that they showed Blue during this time was so appreciated by all of our family.

    Blue lost is fight with this terrible disease and I still miss him every day even though it's been two months now since his death.  Yes, I am one of those people who loves their dog like he is my child - it's just the way that I felt about him.

    There is one thing that I am very certain of, however, and that is the staff, including Dr. Gulikers loved Blue and did their best to help him survive.  They are wonderful and cried right along beside us.

  • Sweet Token

    Sheri C - Shady Oaks, TX


    Token's very precious and SUPER BIG "Thank You" sent to the CVSEC Team!!!

  • Packed For The Rainbow Bridge

    Lisa K - Allen, TX


    Dear CVSEC Staff,

    I just wanted to take the time to tell you "Thank You".  I came in Thanksgiving night with my sweet boy, Sarge.  He was battling an episode with his heart that unfortunately was new to this 11 year old bully.  We had just started to dabble in medication for close to 6 months and he seemed to be doing OK...until that night.

    I had a horrific encounter at the ER vet that I stopped at first that night.  The vet had zero compassion and told me 5 minutes after walking in the room to put him to sleep because he had no idea what to do for him.  I couldn't make that decision and I couldn't leave without him!  I don't have kids...my dogs are my kids!  I have 5 and to know that I would go home without him that night killed me!

    I loaded him up and came to you guys where it was a totally different experience!  The entire staff that I dealt with that night until the early morning on Friday was amazing!

    Unfortunately, I did not get to leave with Sarge.  His tired little heart stopped and while CPR was being performed I spoke with the vet where she informed me that if he did come back how hard it would be on him.  I made the decision that it was ok to stop.  I spent some time in the room with him before leaving and when I was ready I spoke with a very sweet lady about the next steps.  She kept telling me how sorry she was as she went over cremation which made me cry even more.

    Every single person on the way out expressed how sorry they were and gave me their condolences.  Yes, I left with a broken heart but I left knowing everything was done for my baby.

    So, "Thank You" from the bottom of my heart.

    Lots of love,

    Lisa and Sarge Knight

  • Zoey

    Holly and Jim D - Farmer's Branch, TX


    Thanks so much to the staff at CVSEC VET for making a tough time easier when our 5-month old puppy, Zoey-Quinn was a patient.  Special thanks to Dr. Mahon and Dr. Mix who treated ZQ when she was in pulmonary distress.  Zoey was diagnosed and treated immediately and we were given a very thorough explanation of her treatment.  Thanks also to the client services staff and nurses who were never bothered with our late night and early morning calls to check on our puppy. 

    Your facility is top-notch, as is the service we received.  I have attached a photo of our Zoey-Quinn for Dr. Mahon.  Zoey got her first "beauty shop/haircut" today since being at the Center.  Dr. Mahon was especially great by referring to our puppy while in the oxygen tank as "Zoey Doll Doll", even though I only mentioned once during intake that this was her nickname.  It's this kind of personalized attention that makes the staff and Center is great!

  • Keoki

    Rusty and Jeff - LEWISVILLE, TX


    My name is Rusty Gage. When I woke up on the morning of March 26, I had no idea that I would end the day as an unexpected client at your clinic. With fate landing as it does, I am so grateful that it led me to Center for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care. Our 14-pound Parson Russell Terrier - or Parti Schnauzer, depending on who you ask (we still really don’t know, as he’s a rescue dog) - was attacked by an 80-pound dog who was likely startled by a fast-moving, much smaller presence in its periphery. When all was said and done, Keoki was left with lacerations and life-threatening internal injuries.

    I was near downtown Dallas during rush hour when all this happened, so it was several hours before I was able to arrive at your hospital. When we did arrive, we were absolutely stunned at the level of care provided by 100% of the staff. Our only regret is that we were so engrossed in Keoki’s issues that we do not remember all the names, the caring faces and the caring words of everyone who guided us through where Keoki would be led, but we do believe that every one of those folks were well aware of our sincere appreciation for the time they took with us and for the sincerity and empathy with which they delivered news and updates. Receptionists, administrators, paperwork gatherers…we wish we could remember all their names, but we were so engrossed in our personal issue that we simply do not remember.

    We do remember Dr. Vadell, who we believe was the intake doctor (we could be wrong on that part, as we arrived several hours after Keoki arrived). We greatly appreciated her candor and the skillful way she walked that all-too-thin tightrope between delivering potentially bad news with honesty and hopefulness. I (Rusty) also remember Jessica - one of the most critical members of your team. (I’m sorry that I do not remember her last name). I believe that her title is “Veterinary Social Worker.” I had never heard of such a role. I must admit, though, that having such a person come in and talk with me before I could go back and see my sick little boy slapped onto the situation a reality that hadn’t existed prior to Jessica’s entering the room.

    Still, stepping back from the situation, I am so appreciative of your hospital having such an important compassion component as part of an all-encompassing care plan for the entire family - AND the person playing the role - Jessica is absolute perfection. I know the day will come when Keoki and I will have to say goodbye, but I would never have imagined it having come through another dog tearing him apart, especially when he is one whose ultimate joy in life is that of playing with other dogs. The thought of having to go home and leave my beloved little boy’s lifeless body there at the hospital after such a shock with nothing more than a simple but well-intended “I’m sorry” from any other caregiver would have added an unbearable amount of salt to the wound. A big thank-you to Center for Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Care for considering the role of Veterinary Social Worker to be just as important as the role of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and a big thank-you to Jessica for following her heart’s work.

    We also want to sing the praises of Dr. Mahon. Beyond the commensurate professional who clearly understands the science of her field, she understands the family component. Dr. Mahon not only took the time that both of Keoki’s daddies needed to understand his physical condition, she extended herself well beyond what the job required. We simply cannot put into words how much we appreciated how much time and care she took with us and with Keoki. It would appear that the small paragraph dedicated to her in this email would reflect a small amount of gratitude, but that would be wholly and completely wrong.

    We are simply so overwhelmed that we cannot find the words to express our gratitude for the scale and scope of the authenticity of her care. Beyond all the kudos written here, we want everyone there to acknowledge this: we understand that, just like any job, your respective roles at Center for Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Care are indeed jobs. They’re the roles that you play when you arrive for your work schedule on any given day. There are days that you want to go to work, and there are days that you don’t want to go to work. There are demands placed on you that you just don’t want that day. There are ridiculous things that happen that just make you shake your head. There are days full of monotony, and there are days that cause stress and headaches. To get to where many of your staff are, they had to get up before the roosters to go sit and listen to some boring college professor when it would have been much easier just to get thirty more minutes of sleep in that tiny dorm room. They had to take tests that required study nights when friends got to go to the club or to the game. However, when all was said and done, all that “stuff” eventually made a mark on the world. All that “stuff” eventually changed lives.

    Because your staff was and is willing to tolerate all that “stuff,” our Keoki is alive and thriving, smiling in the attached photo today, just minutes after having had the sutures from his thoracic surgery removed, eager to take the stairs three at a time again. Keep tolerating. Keep remembering why you do what you do. You’re changing the world for the better, one family at a time. May your kindness be returned many times over, both as a hospital and as individual people. Rusty, Jeff & Keoki

  • Bentley

    Austin M - Dallas, TX

    Thanks to the whole Staff @ CVSEC for bringing my baby boy back! He was in such a critical condition just 3 days ago with a small chance of making it, and their Team of Criticalists, Techs, Nurses, and Surgeons acted quickly and professionally with only Bentley's health in mind. We will never bring him anywhere else, and we are eternally grateful for CVSEC's services. They are the best in DFW hands down. Only my Bentley "Tom Brady" McMeans was capable of such a second half comeback.
  • Petunia

    Karrie F - LEWISVILLE, TX

    I never want to have to meet the team at an ER but it is part of life. Your team, everyone I spoke with and met was amazing. My 13.5 yr old Bulldog had pneumonia on Christmas Day. I took her to the ER I knew about and they kept her overnight but they are an after-hours clinic. I had to pick her up in the morning and our family Vet was closed due to the holiday. To say I was panicked would be an understatement. The ER clinic gave us your name and I called. The first question asked was "does she need oxygen for transport?" That right there showed me you cared. Once we got there, Petunia was well cared for as were we. When we went to visit her, you had put a blanket on her and a pad on the bottom of the crate since she was having trouble standing due to her old age. What you didn't know is that she sleeps under her Georgia Bulldogs blanket on my bed every night so putting that blanket on her made her feel comforted, I am sure of it. I even asked yesterday as we checked out if you saw patients as a "regular" Vet would because I would only come to you going forward if possible. Sadly, you don't but know that when I need an ER or Specialty Vet, I will be 100% loyal to you and will tell everyone I know. I am your biggest fan. Thank you for all you did for my baby girl.
  • Leonidas

    Jericho G - Lewisville, TX

    Just wanted to say hi and share a photo with Dr. Hollman....Leonidas a week ago on the left...him tonight on the right...resting and taking meds but it able to stand and has no shakes. Long road and we'll go slowly but I had to share. Thank you everyone! for loving my boy like I do.
  • Gizmo

    Elissa T - Lewisville, TX

    I received this amazing card from you guys!!! I cried my little heart out! in the worst moment of my life... Y'all made me feel so comfortable and you were so loving, gentle and more than understanding with my cremation planning. I wish things could have been different but to think of ME after the fact is undeniably the most thoughtful thing y'all could have done for not even really knowing us.
  • Schultz

    Jim C - Lewisville, TX


    To Dr. Case, Alicia, and my other friends at CVSEC: I made my person – who you know as Mr. C but I just called Jim (roughly translated: Ruff) – promise me that he would write you this letter to let you know how much I appreciated your caring and comfort during my bout with lymphoma. I’m grateful to you all for the extra few weeks I had with him and my companions. During my visits there, I think you heard him refer to me by several names. Obviously, my given name was Schultz, but I also answered to the diminutive Schultzie; Dude; a derivative of that, Doodlebug; and yet another derivative, Mr. Doodles, or just Doodles. I never was sure what was up with all the names but I didn’t mind – I answered to all of them, and they made me feel special. Truth be told, I also really appreciated it when Alicia called me Handsome Pants. She probably said that to all the dogs, but I liked to think it was just for me.

    Anyway, my person had a nice lady come and take some pictures the day I left CVSEC. The one below shows me at home in my favorite spot on the couch with my friends (from left) Rascal, Gus, and Molly. (Obviously, I’m the good-looking salt-and-pepper schnauzer.)There’s also a print of just me. I wanted you to have them as a token of our thanks for everything you did. I understand this wasn’t my person’s first connection with Dr. Ducote’s practice, which has become CVSEC. She has a very important mission and all of you are a special part of that mission. Thank you all again for what you did for me and for my person, and for all the other animals in your care. Fondly, Schultz

  • Ashley

    The Griffeth Family - Lewisville, TX

    Dear Dr. Lindsay, Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me today. We greatly appreciate your insight and willingness to help us understand our Ashley's possible diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options. This is a sand and frightening time for us in "new territory". It gives us comfort knowing we have excellent Veterinarians guiding us and caring for our little girl Thank you for helping us along this path. We appreciate your kidness
  • Holly

    The Casillas Family - Lewisville, TX

    Thank you for all your help & caring for Holly! We appreciate it! - The Casillas Family
  • Sasha

    Sunil D family - Lewisville, TX


    Dear Dr. Eng, Dr. Fann, Dr. Gillett, Dr. Knight, Dr. Sires, Dr. Stikeman and Associates, On behalf of our entire family, I'd like to express our most sincere gratitude for the way you cared for our beloved pet, Sasha. He was my daughter Puja's favorite dog. A happy playful spirit, and an excellent protector. A piece of out hearts will certainly be missing for some time. Sadness aside, we could not have asked for a better care takers during his last days. Your stay went above and beyond the level of service most people would expect for the care of an animal. Your compassion and understanding during the past week helped us to feel comfortable leaving him, knowing he would be in good hands. The fact that we were able to spend quality time with him, and say goodbye before he passed means more to us than yo may realize. Again, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your efforts and care of our four-legged family member


    Tania I - Lewisville, TX

    Thank you so much for making Wuckie so much better. He use to never want to roll over and get his belly rubbed. Now he wants to all the time. Dr. Ducote, your approach to finding the issue at hand was wonderful we know we may have a long road but are grateful for your guidance through it. From Wuckie, Coco (sister) and myself, A big Thank you! - Tania I