ER Pre-Registration

We believe it is important to encourage Pet Owners and Guardians to plan for an emergency before one happens.  Too often, we are faced with tough choices about our Pets when we are least prepared to make them.  To that end, the Center for Veterinary Specialty + Emergency Care provides pre-registration for Pet owners so that holidays, vacations, and even every-days for you and your Pet can be a little less stressful if a health emergency arises.


Pre-registration enables you to map out your needs and desires calmly and decisively in advance of a visit to an emergency facility.  In addition, the information gathered enables boarding facilities, Pet sitters, and anyone else in charge of your Pet to act knowingly on your behalf in the event of an emergency. What kind of treatment can the hospital administer?  What medications is the Pet taking?  How much are you willing to spend on treatment or care?  What are your wishes if dire circumstances arise?  These are all questions to answer before an emergency occurs.  Pre-registration with us ensures preparedness for any and every situation with your family member!


There is no charge or fee for Pre-Registration.  It is simply a constructive way to channel your wishes for your Pet(s) when you cannot be present. While we sincerely hope that you never require an emergency visit with your Pet, as a specialty and emergency facility, we know that some visits to us are unforeseen and unplanned.  Pre-registration allows both you and us to plan for the unplanned.


To Pre-register your Pet, please complete the following form. Alternatively, you can download and fill out a PDF version of the form and email the completed form to, fax (972.820.7018), or mail us your completed form.  Please call us at 972.820.7099 with any questions, and we look forward to working with you and your Pet!

PDF Version

Client Information

Patient Information

Advanced Directive

Financial Considerations and Confirmation

In the event that I am unreachable, I hereby authorize Center for Veterinary Specialty + Emergency Care to do what is necessary to stabilize my Pet in an emergent situation. These measures may include (but are not limited to) radiographs (x-rays), laboratory testing, and medication administration. These initial diagnostic / treatment measures may cost $500-1000. I understand that further testing may be necessary. A thorough exam will be performed by the attending Veterinarian. Once you are reached by telephone, you and the doctor will discuss a comprehensive treatment plan for your pet, and an estimate will be prepared. You will be responsible for any charges incurred at the time of service.