We began our Grief Counseling / Pet Loss Support Group in March 2013 after seeing many of our Clients struggle with the loss of a beloved companion, whether through serious or prolonged illness or humane euthanasia.  Our intention is to provide an atmosphere of support and reassurance for those dealing with the intense emotions of grief, and to share a common bond with others who may have had similar experiences.  We understand that Pets are members of the family, constant companions, and special friends.  Their death and resulting bereavement are among the most profound emotional traumas we can experience.  We want people to understand the powerful reactions to a Pet’s loss are normal and grieving is a necessary process.

Our supportive environment allows the freedom to grieve, share experiences, and create room for healing.  The Support Group is mediated by one of our Veterinary Social Workers, and meets the second Saturday and last Saturday of each month at the hospital from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM. Reservations are not required.

We are the only integrated, comprehensive Specialty Hospital in the DFW Metroplex.  We truly have a “One Medicine” approach to our Patients and work together as a Team in their care.  Too often, a Patient may have several serious disease processes that require a multidisciplinary approach, and we are proud to work together to improve outcomes.

With Specialists in Critical Care (with 7-day a week coverage), Neurology / Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine (including cardiology and oncology abilities), and Surgery – we are your Patient’s Specialty Care Team.  And if a problem arises after-hours, our Emergency Services stand ready to help, and have access to consult with our Specialists as needed.

Send us your Patient’s medical records along with our referral form, and we’ll call the Client to set up an appointment based on the urgency level you indicate.  If you are unsure how quickly a Patient needs to be seen, please call and ask to speak with one of our Doctors, or if emergent, please don’t hesitate to utilize our 24/7 ECC (Emergency + Critical Care) Service.

YES, as this information is vital to help us contact the Client, as well indicate your requests (which service, urgency, etc).  We also double check your contact information to ensure accuracy, and this form reminds you of things we need (lab data, x-rays) to ensure the appointment goes smoothly for your Client and Patient.

Internists work with the internal body systems whether there are chronic symptoms and in the areas of infection, cancer, immune-mediated or endocrine disease, liver or kidney issues, and more.  Internal Medicine emphasizes non- to minimally-invasive diagnostics and treatment techniques, including ultrasound, endoscopy, and laparoscopy.  Our Internists are both Board-Certified, and Dr. Case is especially adept at cardiology (having been trained by Dr. Stephen Ettinger) and Dr. Gulikers has focused significantly on oncology, receiving extensive training during his residency and beyond.

Criticalists handle Patients that have become injured or suddenly develop an acute, life-threatening disease.  In many cases, after the initial emergency treatment, a Patient may require days of close monitoring and life support in ICU before recovery.  Criticalists are dedicated to treating life-threatening conditions in the areas of trauma, respiratory distress, blood transfusions, shock, specialized nutritional support, ventilator therapy, emergency surgery, and more.  We have three critical care doctors (Dr. Claus, Mahon, and Mix) who offer 7-day a week coverage for our critical Patients.

Our experienced Emergency Care Doctors are available when an acute issue arises that you cannot treat or are not available to treat.  They are available 24/7, and help stabilize Patients prior to transfer to one of our Specialty Services (if needed).  They are also an integral part of our commitment to our Patients, as they help us deliver Compassionate Care around the clock!

The Neurologic exam is a tool to help confirm and localize nervous system injury.  Evaluating all components of the exam, including appearance/symmetry, gait abnormalities, cranial nerve dysfunction, abnormal sensation, and abnormal reflexes, can help localize disease and assist in creating a differential diagnosis list and diagnostic plan. 

There are six main categories involved in a complete Neurologic exam:

Mentation can be determined by observing how the Patient interacts with the owner and the environment.

Posture and gait is assessed by watching the Patient walk and looking for signs of ataxia, paresis, or plegia.

Cranial nerve evaluation involves a series of tests to determine the functionality of the 12 cranial nerves.  These tests include Facial Symmetry, Facial Sensation, Facial Expression, Ocular Position, Ocular Nystagmus, Menace Response, Pupillary Light Reflex, and Gag Reflex.  Proprioception evaluates the awareness of position of the body independent of vision.  These tests may involve “paw placing” and ‘hopping” to determine sensory deficits or motor system abnormalities.

Proprioception evaluates the awareness of position of the body independent of vision.  These tests may involve "paw placing" or "hopping" to determine sensory deficits or motor system abnormalities.

Spinal reflexes do not involve conscious awareness of the stimulation.  They are an evaluation of peripheral nerve function and local spinal cord segments using a scale of 0 – 4, with 0 describing absent reflex, and 4 indicating clonic activity (continuous repetitive response to a mild stimulus).

Sensory/pain perception does involve conscious awareness of sensation.  Palpation is used to evaluate the vertebral spine, lumbosacral junction and tail base, as well as movement of the head and neck to determine range of motion and cervical pain.  Pinching the toes is also used to evaluate superficial and deep pain sensation.

The average wait time varies, depending on the urgency of the case.  In most cases, an appointment is able to be scheduled between 3 - 7 days.  If your Patient needs to be seen on an Urgent or Emergency basis, please call our office directly to speak with one of our Specialists or Emergency Doctors.

A Specialty initial consult is scheduled for 45 minutes.  This consists of not only the exam, but a comprehensive review of Patient records and discussions with the Doctor about potential diagnoses and diagnostics options.

No, except for our combined 24/7 ECC (Emergency / Critical Care) service, we currently do not offer routine Specialty Services on the weekend, but we do have a Criticalist available 7 days a week.   In addition, a Specialist will be called in if our experienced ER Doctors or Criticalist deem it necessary.  We always have an “on call Specialist” available for emergencies which allows us the opportunity to provide a “Collaborative Team Approach”.

Emergency times will vary depending on the day and case load for the Doctor, but most emergencies after 4:00 will go through our ER department and then may transfer over to one of our Specialists.  To help us help your more critically ill Patients, the Referring Doctor must speak to the Specialty Doctor on emergency prior to sending a Client to our Hospital.

If you believe in what we’re doing, and know that we can help your Patients, please consider listing us as your “after hours” Partners in care.  We would love to be on your marketing material, door signage, answering machine or website as your preferred location for Emergency Services.

In addition, we believe it is important to encourage Pet Parents to plan for an emergency before one happens.  Too often, we are faced with tough choices about our Pets when we are least prepared to make them.  To that end, we provide Pre-Registration for Pet Owners which enables them to map out their needs and desires camly and decisively in advance of a visit to an emergency facility.  In addition, the information gathered enables boarding facilities, Pet sitters, and anyone else in charge o a Pet to act knowingly on the Client's behalf in the event of an emergency.  There is no charge or fee for Pre-Registration; it is simply a constructive way for a Client to channel their wishes for their Furry Family Members.  To Pre-Register a Pet, please fill out and submit the form via our website under CLIENTS - FORMS

Our exam fees depend on the service seen and time of day, as well as urgency of referral and complexity of case:

ER Exam (Day = before midnight) – $99 

ER Exam (Night = 12 AM to 8 AM) – $119 

Specialists – $169 to $281 (depending on urgency and case complexity) 

Specialist call-in / surgery after hours – $668

If you request it on our referral form, then in most cases yes.  Otherwise our Specialists know you are very busy too, and we hate to interrupt your appointments, so we will send you (either via FAX or email, whichever you indicate on your referral form) a detailed SOAP every night for every hospitalized Patient, and a comprehensive Discharge Summary for all outpatients / discharged Patients within 48 hours (in most cases).  This comprehensive summary is also emailed to the Client, or a copy is given to them at discharge.

Prior to their Pet being hospitalized for any diagnostic procedures, treatment, or surgery, the Client will receive a written estimate.  Due to the fluctuating nature of their Pet's condition, and related variables such as length of anesthesia, types and amounts of medications administered, this is only an estimate, and not a final invoice.  The estimate has a range of potential costs, and we will do our best not to exceed the upper limit of the estimate without notifying the Client first.  If requested, we can provide daily balances to the Client.

Before any procedures can begin, a deposit of the lower end of the estimate is required.  At the time the Pet is discharged from the Hospital, a refund will be credited back to the Client if owed, or any remaining outstanding balance will require payment.

All checks are electronically verified at time of payment.  Due to banking restrictions, if a refund is warranted upon the Pet's discharge, there may be a 2-4 week processing delay.

Yes, We accept Care Credit.  We also accept all major credit cards and you can send Paytrace payment links to family members or friends so they can assist with payment (www.carecredit.com).

Patient Update Reports are sent directly after a Patient’s visit Hospitalized Patients – reports are sent every day that the Patient is hospitalized.  We either email or fax depending on the Referring Facility’s preference.

Our fees are calculated to provide state-of-the-art 24/7 care for your Patient with skilled Technician staff 24 hours a day, as well as experienced Doctors who provide personalized treatment plans.  We have an extensive pharmacy as well as diagnostic equipment capabilities (including a full in-house laboratory with expanded testing options, two ultrasound machines, digital radiography, and CT scanner), and have developed standards of care for our Patients based on the latest research.  This commitment to excellence allows us to obtain a diagnosis more quickly, improve Patient outcomes and decrease long-term complications, which can all add to increase costs for the Client.

Would you want to visit Rochester, Minnesota in February?  Or Houston in July?  Probably not, but if you have a serious illness that the Mayo Clinic or MD Anderson has the best chance of treating, would you reconsider?  Even though it seems we are far away from you, we are easily reached via SH 121 or I-35.

We’re available 24/7 so Clients can come in via our ECC (Emergency/CC) Service after hours and their Pet can transfer to one of our Specialists the next day (if indicated).  We have many nearby hotels that out-of-town Pet Parents can stay at while their beloved ones receive care.  We even have Client Service Representatives on site until midnight so Patients can make arrangements with the Doctor to check in or out late, missing DFW traffic!